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Olive Tree KC

Cocktail Card Deck

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Cocktail Cards is changing how people learn how to make cocktails! With over 12,000 orders and nearly a million followers on social media our very first year, this product was created to help ANYONE make bartender quality cocktails at home.

These extra-large 6.5" x 5" flashcards are a master class in cocktails. With over 100 recipes to choose from many of your favorite cocktails will be included.

············The FRONT of each card includes ············

The History of each Cocktail
Flavor Profile
Image of cocktail
Sweet/Tart Chart so you know what you're getting into!

············The BACK of each card includes ············

List of tools and glassware needed
Our recipes that have been acquired through 10+ years of bartending experience and rigorous testing.
Step-By-Step instructions since many cocktails require different techniques
Q.R. Code to scan and watch an instructional video so you can see exactly how to make the cocktail
Additional tips to make the cocktails to your specific needs!


Nutritional info