Grilled Mushroom Bruschetta with Smoked Balsamic

For a deceptively easy recipe that takes full advantage of the rich flavors of Italian cooking, you have to try this vegan Grilled Mushroom Bruschetta with Smoked Balsamic. It works as a colorful app, hearty side or light entrée. We coated the mushrooms in Garlic Olive Oil before grilling and drizzled Smoked Balsamic Vinegar over the finished product for a double-dose of genuine flavor. It’s fresh, fast, healthy and absolutely delicious!


2 Tbsp. Olive Tree Garlic Olive Oil

1/2 tsp dried oregano

1 cup grape or cherry tomatoes, halved

 Tbsp. red onion finely chopped

1½ Tbsp. fresh basil shredded, divided

Salt and pepper to taste

large Portobello Mushrooms stem removed, washed and dried thoroughly with a paper towel

1/4 cup Olive Tree Smoked Balsamic Vinegar

Parmesan (optional)


  1. Dry mushrooms with a dry sheet of paper towel per mushroom, and lightly press sheet into each mushroom to gently squeeze out the excess liquid. If this step is not done thoroughly, the mushrooms will release a lot of liquid during cook time.
  2. Combine the Garlic Olive Oil and oregano. Brush each mushroom with mixture on all sides.
  3. Preheat grill. Lightly grease grill plates with cooking oil.
  4. Combine the tomatoes, red onion, 2 tablespoons of the fresh basil, salt and pepper together in a medium-sized bowl. Mix until well combined. Set aside.
  5. Grill mushrooms for 5-10 minutes, until just beginning to soften.
  6. Remove from grill. Top with the tomato/basil mixture, and drizzle with Smoked Balsamic Vinegar. Sprinkle with a little parmesan (optional) and any remaining basil leaves to serve.


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