Frozen Peach Bellini

For this recipe, you only need three simple ingredients. Fresh peaches (white or yellow), a bottle of Prosecco, and Olive Tree’s White Peach balsamic vinegar. Oh, and you’ll also need ice.

What is a peach Bellini made of?

A traditional Bellini is made with white peaches and Prosecco. In this recipe, you can use either white or yellow peaches, and we’ve added in White Peach balsamic vinegar to give it a delicious boost of flavor. 

What does a peach Bellini taste like?

A frozen peach Bellini tastes similar to a Mimosa, except you’ll find its peach flavoring rather than orange.

What alcohol is in a Bellini?

Prosecco is used in a frozen peach Bellini.

Can you use frozen peaches instead of fresh?

Yes! The amount of peaches would remain the same, you can simply swap out fresh for frozen peaches if needed.

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