Explore Authentic Brazil Cooking with Chef Leonice from Porto do Sul!

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Explore Authentic Brazil Cooking with Chef Leonice from Porto do Sul!
May 21, 2019
6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Do you know about Feijoada?

The French have cassoulet and Brazilians have feijoada. The hearty stew traces its roots back to the days of Brazilian slavery. The dish started with a simmering pot of black beans that were flavored by less popular cuts of the pig. The dish has since evolved to include an elaborate layering of assorted meats, smoked pork and sausages and is served with a variety of accompaniments including farofa, a finely ground manioc flour used to soak up the broth, and oranges to add a bit of acid to cut the overall richness. Feijoada is typically served on Saturdays and after more than a century has become a prized delicacy enjoyed by Brazilians of every ethnicity and socioeconomic background. But, of course, like every recipe that has been anointed the national dish there are regional variations that make each cook’s version unique. Chef Leonice’s includes the addition of a secret ingredient. Come see what it is!

In addition, we will be making gluten-free pão de queijo, the irresistible and traditional six-ingredient Brazilian cheese bread made with tapioca flour; and a sassy and refreshing caipirinha, the official cocktail of Brazil made with muddled fresh lime and sugar and cachaça.

On the menu:

Feijoada Completa
Pão de Queijo


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