8A. Joe's Cellar Pop Up Dinner - Come Hungry!

$ 45.00

Pop Up Dinner with Joe’s Cellar – Come Hungry!
October 22, 2017
5:00 – 7:00 pm

Join us for a true Italian Dinner with Joe’s Cellar.  Ann Scida, owner of Joe’s Cellar restaurant in Prairie Village will be preparing an authentic Italian dinner, based on her family’s recipes.

Ann’s grandparents immigrated from Calabria Italy in the early 1900’s.  Passing down their recipes and techniques to their son, and Ann’s father, Joe, Ann has been fortunate enough to enjoy these dishes all of her life.   Now, she wants to share them with you.

Stuffed banana peppers - local banana peppers, stuffed with Joe’s Cellar meatball mix, smothered in house made marinara sauce.

Melanzane - Italian for “eggplant”, melanzane is shredded eggplant, marinated in olive oil, garlic, sweet peppers, and olives.  Served with fresh Italian bread.

Smoked platter - house smoked cheeses and pepperoni - Ann uses applewood, for a more subtle smoke flavor

Every Italian meal includes salad.  Ours is a wedge salad “Italian style”.  Crisp iceberg lettuce with crispy prosciutto, finished with our creamy gorgonzola.

Lasagna!  Everybody loves lasagna, but have you ever had lasagna made from fresh made pasta sheets?  At Joe’s cellar, the pasta is made fresh daily, and that means lasagna noodles too! Imagine layers of homemade pasta, homemade marinara, seasoned meat, ricotta, mozzarella, romano cheese.  Seriously this is good stuff.

Our limoncello / ricotta cakes.  We make our own limoncello.  What we don’t drink, we use in our cakes.  Pretty simple.

*Extremely limited seating. Please feel free to bring your favorite beverage. Glasses provided. This is not a cooking class but a true pop-up dinner. 

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