Easy Turkey Tenderloins with Cranberry Topping

cranberry cranberry orange balsamic vinegar rosemary olive oil thanksgiving turkey

Let’s press the easy button on our Thanksgiving dinner. This gives you the full turkey-and-cranberry experience in a delicious but simple way. We gave it extra flavoring by browning the turkeys in our Olive Tree Rosemary Olive Oil and adding our Cranberry-Orange Balsamic Vinegar to the sauce. And it’s uber-efficient because you prepare the sauce while the tenderloins are roasting so it all finishes at the same time. Perfect for a  small gathering!  We purchased 2 large turkey breast tenderloins and cut them in half for four servings.

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Easy Italian Veggie Pie

breakfast brunch eggs garlic mushroom mushroom and garlic olive oil tailgate

This “Easy Italian Veggie Pie” is incredibly quick and the perfect side for your winter soups or to enjoy with a Smoked Bloody Mary (posted last week) for a noon game. It’s made with a tube of crescent rolls so, we promise, all in-home chefs can master this! Our Mushroom and Garlic Olive Oil used for sautéing and then brushed on top complements the earthy flavors perfectly.

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Smoked Bloody Mary

We consider ourselves to be Bloody Mary connoisseurs so we jumped at the chance to try a new recipe that combines a smoky flavor to the spice and sweet tastes of this Smoked Bloody Mary. We loved it! Cheers to our Chiefs!


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General Tso's Chicken

Skip the takeout joint and make this easy, quick General Tso’s chicken in your own kitchen. It’s a healthier version of a favorite to-go meal and guaranteed to be a future favorite for the whole family. We use Olive Tree's Honey Ginger Balsamic Vinegar, Roasted Chili Olive Oil and our own Olive Tree Blend Olive Oil to add so much flavor while keeping it all healthy. 

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Halloween Popcorn

butter halloween holiday popcorn

Here's a Halloween treat that keeps it on the healthy side by substituting butter flavored extra virgin olive oil for butter. You can vary the sweet degree to your preference. The white chocolate gives the treat a cleaner look and the candy corn is, of course, a traditional Halloween staple. Fill small takeaway bags for a Halloween party treat or enjoy a bowl while watching a spooky movie! 

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