Recipes — espresso balsamic vinegar

Espresso Balsamic Chocolate Truffles

chocolate dessert espresso balsamic vinegar truffles

Four easy ingredients is all it takes for these amazing Espresso Balsamic Chocolate Truffles! With a yummy ball of dark chocolate, cream and espresso balsamic vinegar rolled in cocoa powder, we dare you to have just one. We loved them in ice cream, too!  


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Espresso Gourmet Burger

burger espresso balsamic vinegar tuscan blend olive oil za'atar seasoning blend

It might seem like an everyday burger night but let's shock them with bursts of flavors and surprises! This Espresso Gourmet Burger has our Espresso Balsamic Vinegar in the sirloin but also in the sautéed mushrooms, along with our Tuscan Blend Olive Oil and Za'atar seasoning blend. For an extra fun presentation, serve this in a coffee filter "wrapper."


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