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Blood Orange Olive Oil Cake

blood orange olive oil cake cake dessert

Provided by: Blogger Wanderlust and Wellness

blood orange olive oil cakePerfect for springtime celebration, this blood orange olive oil cake is as delicious as it is gorgeous. Dense and moist like a pound cake, the ricotta cheese and olive oil make this cake unique and delicious. 

Don’t let the olive oil fool you, this blood orange olive oil cake is moist and flavorful. The blood orange juice creates the perfect pink colored glaze, while the blood orange olive oil and ricotta create a soft, moist cake. 

Olive oil cakes are simply made as any other cake. You’re essentially swapping out the regular vegetable oil in a cake for olive oil. I find that olive oil also gives the cake a much richer color as well.

In this cake, we’ve used both blood orange olive oil and ricotta, which results in a very moist and delicious cake. Olive oils are swapped on a 1:1 basis, so you can adjust the oil in any recipe and use olive oil instead.


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