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Lemon Olive Oil Pancakes and Blueberry Balsamic Topping

blueberry balsamic vinegar breakfast brunch lemon pancakes meyer lemon

Blueberry pancakes are such a classic family breakfast. We've kicked up the flavor, freshness and the fluffiness with these Lemon Olive Oil Pancakes made with our Meyer Lemon Olive Oil then we cover them in a Blueberry Balsamic Vinegar. It's a simple and straightforward breakfast that it will soon be your weekend go-to. 


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blood orange olive oil breakfast brunch crepes strawberry balsamic vinegar

The perfect way to kick off your weekend morning is with a light and delicious batch of crepes. Using Olive Tree's Blood Orange Olive Oil in the crepe batter and Strawberry Balsamic Vinegar in the filling added an amazing burst of flavor! 🍓🍓

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Cinnamon Marble Quick Bread

bake bread breakfast brunch cinnamon holiday Vanilla bean olive oil

Cinnamon Marble Quick Bread lives up to its name in flavor, beauty and speed. Made with our Vanilla Bean Olive Oil, it’s a deeply cinnamony, satisfyingly spiced bread that makes its way with ease from the breakfast table to the afternoon snack plate. And best of all, it gets even better with each day!


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Easy Italian Veggie Pie

breakfast brunch eggs garlic mushroom mushroom and garlic olive oil tailgate

This “Easy Italian Veggie Pie” is incredibly quick and the perfect side for your winter soups or to enjoy with a Smoked Bloody Mary (posted last week) for a noon game. It’s made with a tube of crescent rolls so, we promise, all in-home chefs can master this! Our Mushroom and Garlic Olive Oil used for sautéing and then brushed on top complements the earthy flavors perfectly.

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